Our premise. Roads design needs to advance: highways should be faster, safer, cheaper to build and capable of carrying much higher capacity. They should enable conventional electric cars to have a limitless range. They should facilitate autonomous driving technologies and smart mobility.

Our organization. We are a non-profit project calling on universities, governments, companies and individuals to shape the highway of the future and bring it into existence in the next decade or two.

Our aim. We are working with partners Urban Foresight to develop the next phase of the project. In the next few months we will be participating in a number of conferences and events on smart mobility.

Please bear with us. We are currently updating our website. In the meantime please view our current resources including video of the award-winning highway design that launched our project:

Watch the fast lane of a highway transform into a TEV lane and handle 10 times the traffic:

A virtual ride on TEV: how TEV’s electric highway ultimately might work

Will Jones introduces TEV: the transportation model for the 21st century

Anatomy of a TEV track

This elevated version of a TEV track is one of many options for TEV electric highway tracks, which can also be directly on the ground, underground in tunnels, stacked, etc.

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